The Selection Series

Kiera Cass – The Selection Series

I binged this set. I purchased the “boxed set” in my Summer Book order, read all 4 books in 3 days and then found out there was a 5th book. Gracious!

Books for Photographers

Are you a photographer and an avid reader? It helps if your a bit of an adventurer, but who calls themselves a photographer and reader but DOESN’T enjoy adventure? No one that I can think of. Enjoy!

How to host a book swap party…

What is a book swap party?! Good question. Basically a bunch of grown-ups grab two of their lightly used (already read) books and meet to drink a bunch of coffee or wine, visit with other grown ups and go home with two new-to-them books to read. The best part, its free to attend! No sales pitches, no catalogs to look through, and no wait for product to arrive.

Books that change your heart…

These two books have never left me. Not only do they pull my heart-strings, but they would be great books to help someone “get back into reading.”

Titles from my library…

Since I’m started this blog in July 2016, I have hundreds of prior reads. There are even some titles on this list, that I’m not to proud to share. However, since I fully believe in book-logs and a diverse read list, I’ll post them here for you to click through.