How to read two books a week…

Admittedly, sometimes I read four books a week and sometimes I can barely finish one. However my calendar year goal is to read at least 2 books a week. Maybe my methods will help you to reach your reading goals as well.

First off, put your phone down, turn the TV off, and hire a maid. Ha! Okay so you don’t have to hire a maid, but I bet if you didn’t have a smart phone, netflix, cable, internet, or other media-distractions in your house, you could read more than you ever thought possible. I even put Candy Crush on the backburner, gasp! I also carry a book with me EVERYWHERE. If someone is late for a meeting, I’m waiting on a Dr apt to start, we have a few minutes before a store opens, or we stop at a playground for the kids to burn off energy I always have a book ready.

My second tip for reading two books a week is to choose wisely. If you have a book in your hand and your finding reasons to insert the quitter strip, its probably 1) not a good book or 2) not a good time to read. Don’t be afraid to put a book back on the shelf if it isn’t holding your attention. Books should bring you joy (when not listed on a syllabus that is.)

Diversify your reads. Don’t be afraid to pick up a Young Adult title, or try to read Beowulf as an adult (now that its not required, thank you Mr. Alberston.) Its okay to start a series, finish book one and then pick up a non-fiction book about Vietnam. Keeping your genres rotating will keep you inspired to learn, escape, and find joy in your book time. Don’t be afraid to throw in an audio book every now and again, I typically have one downloaded for those times when I have to adult (err dishes, laundry, mopping) and can’t hold a book in my hand.

Lastly, you need to just pick up the book and get started. This part tends to be the hardest for most people. The dishes always need done, the floor needs swept, homework needs to be checked, your email keeps beeping, someone needs to put dinner away, and on and on and on. Find your time to read. It might be in the morning before the kids get up sitting quietly with a cup of coffee. For me its in the afternoons while I sit outside and the kids are playing.  Your time might be after your small humans are in their bed and you’d typically turn on Netflix for the newest OITNB. Find your time, make it special for you.

You can do this. I know you can. Open your book up…

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