Dark Matter AND My Sister’s Keeper

Dark Matter kept showing up as a best seller on every book site I visited, so I figured I should read it while its hot, I read it in two days. My Sister’s Keeper was an accidental read, I picked up the book for 10cents at a local thrift shop.

1776 and Too Late to Say Goodbye

In order to complete reading two books this week I had to pick the second book based upon if it was a faster read or not. While 1776 took me most of the week Too Late To Say Goodbye took less than 2 days to read.   David McCullough – 1776 Question, why wasn’t History…

Oryx and Crake AND The Professor and the Madman

Lots of words this week. Oryx and Crake was written by a poetic storyteller and painter of words. The Professor and the Madman is a thrilling story about creating the Oxford English Dictionary. One I loved, one not so much.