1776 and Too Late to Say Goodbye

In order to complete reading two books this week I had to pick the second book based upon if it was a faster read or not. While 1776 took me most of the week Too Late To Say Goodbye took less than 2 days to read.


David McCullough – 1776

Question, why wasn’t History as interesting to me in high school student as it is now? I feel like current authors have found a way to tell all the facts and research while painting the most interesting stories. Folks! The year 1776, even as a patriot, has always been a bit dry to me. I’ve never remembered the facts. After reading David McCulloughs 1776, it feels more real. There were many times while reading I said “ohhhhhh” with understanding. McCullough gives insight of smaller battles and stories about important figures that one wouldn’t typically learn about while studying the Revolutionary War. Having the war broken down to just this one year was helpful as well.

The book itself is large and a bit intimidating. Give it a shot. Understanding, not just knowing, American history is important and this particular year was the biggest turning point in Americas past, without the events of 1776 America wouldn’t be what it is today. Highly recommended, especially for you patriotic nerds like myself.

“In truth, the situation was worse than they realized, and no one perceived this as clearly as Washington. Seeing things as they were, and not as he would wish them to be, was one of his salient strengths.”

“To the British and those Loyalists who had taken refuge in Boston, they were simply “the rebels,” or “the country people,” undeserving the words “American” or “army.” General John Burgoyne disdainfully dubbed them “a preposterous parade,” a “rabble in arms.”

Ann Rule – Too Late To Say Goodbye

I have a love/hate relationship with true crime stories. I love to read them and get drawn into the stories, I hate the endings and the reason the book was written to begin with. This book was no different. It is the first book by Ann Rule that I have read. I can tell that Rule has in intimate knowledge of the story, and while the writing is very factual and sometimes brutal, I can tell she gets emotionally attached to the victim. She presents all the information of the case very well.

I was drawn quickly into the story of Jennifer Corbin and Dolly Hearn. These two lovely ladies had the bad luck of falling for bad-tempered man Bart Carbin. It made me wonder why these beautiful souls put up with a man like him, however, after reading many similar stories of women trapped in abusive relationships it doesn’t surprise me that they kept trying to keep things normal. There are twists and turns in the book and times when I was sure the story was heading one direction and it would turn the other. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew it was a true story I might have believed the book to be fictional.

If your a fan of reading true crime stories, this would be a great book to pick up. I will be adding The Stranger Beside Me to my winter reading list.

PS: I JUST learned after posting this blog that there is a movie based on this book: Too Late to Say Goodbye. I have not seen it yet, but I will be watching this week.




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