The Fireman AND The Ludwig Conspiracy

Joe Hill – The Fireman Before I even talk about this book, let me tell you, folks…this is quite the commitment read. I tend to binge-read, and it still took me foooorever to make it through the book. If you are a binge-reader as well, this one might slow you down for a bit (which,…

Worth Dying For AND Before I Go to Sleep

I was really busy this week. These are both fairly short reads, although I’ll admit, it is Sunday night and I just finished Worth Dying For, so it took the full 7 days to finish both of the books. Whoops!

The Tipping Point AND Say You’ll Stay

The Tipping Point and Say You’ll Stay, two really great books! The Tipping Point would be a great book for a professional interested in what makes something trend. And Say You’ll Stay is a beautiful romance novel, one I can highly recommend.

The Mind Club AND No Second Chance

The Mind Club and No Second Chance. A nerdy science book and a murder mystery. Mix it up. How to read two books a week….don’t get bored. Also, don’t be afraid to ABORT as I did with a book titled “Middlesex.”