The Mind Club AND No Second Chance

Daniel Wegner & Kurt Gray – The Mind Club

How do we decide if something has a mind or not? Not just a brain, but feelings, thoughts, opinions. Do our dogs really think about what we are doing all day when we aren’t with them? Do people in comas have thoughts? This book was super intriguing. There were a few sections that made me roll my eyes or laugh at the absurdity of the authors opinions, but for the most part I enjoyed considering how we determine if something is a thing or a soul with a mind. In addition to if something HAS mind, how much mind do they have?

The Mind Club is a tad nerdy, the authors back up their opinions with science, facts and scientific trials that they completed themselves. I paused reading a few times to get the opinions of folks around me about a subject as the author discussed it. I was thoroughly entertained by the facts and opinions about “who thinks, what feels, and why it matters.” So nerdy, sciencey, thinking friends, I would certainly recommend this book, I found it more entertaining then I thought it might be.

“We extend more protection to kittens than crows, despite the fact that corvids are much smarter.” – The Mind Club


Harlan Coben – No Second Chance

Coben’s books are easy reads for me. Something to fill the space between heavy thinking books, historical, romance and sci-fi. Murder mysteries and thrillers are just fun reads. No Second Chance kept me turning pages, I couldn’t guess the ending (even though I tend to spend most of the time reading thrillers thinking I know what is going on.)

Dr. Marc Seidman is shot early in the book, one second he is eating a granola bar, the next he is in the hospital being told his wife is dead and his baby is missing. Dr. Seidman is a smart man, and with the help of his lawyer he avoids being the prime suspect in the crime, despite ransom efforts and a questionable x-girlfriend in the picture. As the time passes he finds that he can’t trust anyone, and he does whatever he can to find his daughter. But…dun dun dun….will he get a second chance?

No Second Chance is a great read with a solid story line and a likable lead character. I was pulling for him through the whole book and I think you will too.

“They – bliss and fear – are constant companions. Rarely does one venture out without the other.”- No Second Chance

“Fame is more addictive than crack. Adults who lose fame–one-hit wonders, for example–usually tailspin into depression, though they try to act like they’re above it. They don’t want to admit the truth. Their whole life is a lie, a desperate scramble for another dose of that most potent of drugs. Fame” – No Second Chance

***Attention, I attempted to read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides for one of this weeks books, but I aborted about 40 pages in. This is my first ABORT for the year. I just couldn’t. If you have read it and enjoyed it, please comment and convince me to pick it up again.***

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