The Tipping Point AND Say You’ll Stay

Malcom Gladwell – The Tipping Point

I picked up The Tipping Point out of pure curiosity. It was recommended on several business entrepreneur reading lists and since I’m in a business college class I figured, “why not?”

Gladwell examines the why, of when a product, idea, show, crime, drug (etc. etc. etc) goes over the tipping point and spreads. He has a list of why he thinks these things can go over the edge and become popular or trend. The book covers topics from crime waves, suicide rates, tv shows, and products or brands. From a marketing prospective this book was pretty eye opening and gave me several ideas, I wrote a few notes to keep in mind when I’m working on another project or advertisement.

I wish Gladwell would not have spent so much time talking about the ‘why’ of Sesame Street and Blues Clues, even though I can appreciate how the topic relates to getting something past the tipping point. Overall it was very interesting and a quick enjoyable read.

“That is the paradox of the epidemic: that in order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first.”

“When people are overwhelmed with information and develop immunity to traditional forms of communication, they turn instead for advice and information to the people in their lives whom they respect, admire, and trust. The cure for immunity is finding Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen.”


Corinne Michaels – Say You’ll Stay

Oh phew, finally I made it to a romance novel after all these thinkers! Oh this one was SO so good. This book is what folks call a “second chance” romance. It is most certainly swoon worthy (plus, a cowboy!)

Say You’ll Stay starts out with heartbreak (in fact, widow friends I don’t advise this book for you.) If you can stick to the book after a sad first few chapters then you will get to know Presley and Zach. Presley has spent her entire life trying to get away from country small town living, but after her loss she has to move back home. When she goes out for the night with an old friend she runs into the boy she loved in High School, who happens to be the reason she has stayed away from the small town. Zach, a sexy cowboy, remembers their break-up differently and takes it as a sign when he sees Presley is back in town. He desperately wants to win her love again. The rest, as you can imagine is a typical romance novel. There is a lot of love, truth-telling, forgiveness and emotional heart-pulling scenes in the book. I enjoyed it. ❤

“He pulls me into his body. He breaks me apart. He puts me together. He’s my poison and my antidote.”

“Loving her isn’t a choice— it’s who I am.”

“I’ve lived with guilt for all these years from walkin’ away from the girl I loved more than anything. I’ve struggled with forgiving myself. I’ve fought every damn day to prove that I’m better for you!” He moves forward, forcing me to retreat. “I’ve given you every part of me, Presley.” His chest heaves as tears form in his own eyes. “Me! Only me! I’ve kept all your secrets! I’ve stood by your side. Held you when you’ve cried over everything that Todd put you through!”

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