The Replacement AND Rule

I had a read-fail this week. I started The Man Called Ove, because of all the rave reviews, book club reading lists and the new movie coming out. I feel like something must be wrong with me, it was so boring. I couldn’t get into it. I could not get passed that this grumpy old man who wants to die because his wife is gone is only in his late 50’s. Maybe there is a twist ending, but the book was too slow for me. I’m sorry fans of The Man Called Ove, I really am. I tried to like it.

Brenna Yovanoff – The Replacement

I think perhaps I’m just excited for fall. I wanted to have a scary book to read this week. The Replacement was fantastic! I know I love a book when I continually think throughout reading: “I want this to be a movie!” So creepy.

Here are the basics of it; Mackie is a teenager, and different from the rest of the kids. He strives just to blend in and not draw attention to himself. However, his eyes are black, his skin is pale, he can’t go on concentrated ground and gets sick from touching or being around metal. He isn’t normal.  His sister tells a story of when she was four years old, she saw him in his crib and knew it wasn’t her brother, but something else. The parents make casual adjustments in their house and life to make things easier on Mackie, but no one talks about the “elephant in the room.” But after a child in the town dies everything changes. Another kid in Mackie’s class confronts him about what he is and claims that the child that died wasn’t her sister but something like him. WHAT?!

The rest of the book is straight up strange. It should be read at dark when you are alone and have a single candle burning. Seriously.

I do wish the author, Brenna Yovanoff, would have shortened a few descriptions of bands and music throughout the book. It was most likely lost on me because I didn’t get the references, so someone who is more familiar with punk/rock/metal bands might enjoy those sections more than I did. I wouldn’t let the music references keep you from picking up the book. The Replacement is fantastic! Side note for parents: while there are no explicit adult scenes there are a few make-out references. I would have enjoyed this book as a teenager, screen the book, but I think it would be an acceptable scary read for a high-schooler.

“Do you really want to know where we come from?” she said. “In every century, in every country, they’ll call us something different. They’ll say we’re ghosts, angels, demons, elemental spirits, and giving us a name doesn’t help anybody. When did a name change what someone is?” – The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff


“I’m not normal, Tate.”
“I know.” Her hand was working its way under my shirt, then touching my skin, sliding over my chest and stomach. “Does this feel good?”
I closed my eyes and nodded.
“You’re normal enough.” – The Replacement, Brenna Yovanoff


Jay Crownover – Rule (A Marked Men Novel)

Ohhhh swoon. This was a hot read, definitely NOT okay for high-schoolers. Ha!

Rule and Shaw are opposites. Completely, in every way. In fact, everyone remembers Shaw as Rules’ deceased twin brother’s girl. Rule is the black sheep of the family, tattoos, piercings, bad attitude and a man whore. Shaw is a pre-med student, hard working, comes from a rich family, and a sweet, kind soul. Shaw drags Rule out of his bed once a week (often leaving a naked lady still laying there) and makes him visit his family in the mountains of Colorado. She doesn’t put up with his crap and stands up for him in front of his family. It takes a drunken night out for Rule to see her as more than just his brothers’ girl, and nothing is the same after that.

Thankfully, this book had a happy ending. While it is in a book series, this can be read as a stand alone. The additional books cover other characters in the story. I have two of them sitting on my TBR (to be read) shelf. Rule was a relatively quick read. I read it over two bedtimes. It would be a good filler for a 2nd book in a week with a commitment read. 🙂



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