Louis L’Amour And Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I went back to the classics this week. I’m not sure why I’m feeling nostalgic, but here we are! Two easy reads, and so much fun.

Mark Twain – Adventures of Tom Sawyer

100% honesty time…. I listened to this one. The audiobook version (narrated by Nick Offerman) is FANTASTIC. I think the man was born to be Tom Sawyer.

I don’t feel like I need to do a big review of the book. Hopefully, at some point in your life, you have read it. Listening to Adventures of Tom Sawyer as an adult was like reading (err…listening) a whole new book. I understood and enjoyed the story more so than when I was asked to read it. And I loved hearing the inflection and rhythm of the words. Also, side note, this one is certainly a safe family-listen.

Louis L’Amour – Beyond the Great Snow Mountains (Short Stories)

I have a friend who named her son after a Louis L’Amour character, and since she has been on my mind a lot I decided I needed to go back and read some L’Amour stories. I picked “Beyond the Great Snow Mountains” because of the variety of stories included. They are all pretty short reads, and very catching. Again, I feel like I was asked to read his books in middle school and didn’t care for them, but reading his writing as an adult made my soul happy.

In Beyond the Great Snow Mountains, are the following stories: By the Waters of San Tadeo • Meeting at Falmouth • Roundup in Texas • Sideshow Champion • Crash Landing • Under the Hanging Wall • Coast Patrol • The Gravel Pit • The Money Punch • Beyond the Great Snow Mountains

There wasn’t a theme, but these stories covered war, romance, mystery, crime, action and of course some good ole’ Western America. It was a delightful mix of L’Amours’ short stories.

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