Old Man and the Sea AND The Couple Next Door


Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea

I did a quick survey of my friends for a recommendation on an Ernest Hemingway read, and this title was listed several times. The Old Man and the Sea was written in 1952. It is a simple story of an old Cuban fisherman that is down on his luck, he sets off alone to fish and has a true battle with himself of survival and perseverance. I enjoyed the old man’s journey, both physically and internally. The story is pretty short, less than 100 pages depending on which printing you pick up.

Hemingway, in general, has always been an author that I have hesitated to pick up, classics can be hard guys! But, I’m glad I gave this one a try. I will attempt A Farewell to Arms next. I have been to the Hemingway Memorial in Ketchum, Idaho, USA. It was beautiful, and peaceful, the trails and mountains surrounding the place he called home at the end of his life is well worth a visit.


Shari Lapena – The Couple Next Door

Ohhhhh, I wasn’t expecting that! About 3/4 the way through the book the truth comes out, it blindsided me. Phew! Alright, I’ll back up a bit. This story is about a baby that goes missing. The parents get invited to a dinner party next door. When their babysitter cancels on them, they decide that leaving a baby monitor on and checking on the baby every 30 minutes would be ‘good enough.’ So, they head to the party and enjoy the night. When they make it home after a night of drinking (and the husband flirts with the neighbors’ wife), they find the crib empty. Suspicion is set on the parents, and they make easy targets. The Mom suffers from postpartum depression and has a history of violent anger issues. The Dad is the last one to check on the baby, he made out with the neighbor lady and has money problems. As the story unfolds with kidnapping ransom demands, twist and turns, the truth of the matter is reviled to the reader. You won’t want to stop reading until you find out how everything ends, and if the baby is found safe.

Loved it! I think this is the type of story that eventually finds its way to the big screen.

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  1. Interesting choices! The Old Man and The Sea is a super book. Bronte


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