Outliers and Salem Falls

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell

This is the second Malcolm Gladwell book I have read, the first being Tipping Point. The general idea of Outliers is examining what makes successful people different. Not necessarily how they are different than us, but what circumstances they are from. Plus, the idea that great people are often the product of “the right place at the right time” rather than their IQ or unique opinion.

Honestly, I suffered through the book. It has many interesting facts packed in, but the writing style of Gladwell tends to run dry for me. I don’t think I will give the next book (Blink) a shot.

Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult

I picked up a handful of Jodi Picoult novels at my local thrift shop for 10 cents each…so I figured I should start reading my way through them. For the most part, Picoult books are a quick and easy read. I do need to get away from the “witches” theme, however. Ahhh. This should be the last for a little bit, I hope

The lead character Jack St. Bride is recently released from prison on a rape charge from a former student. He seeks a new start in sleepy Salem Falls, finds himself a job at a diner and falls in love with the owner of said diner. Everything is going well for his new start in life until another teenager accuses him of rape. However, it wasn’t just a teenager it was the daughter of the town’s richest man and a girl who started her own coven. Gillian, the teenager, casts a love spell on Jack and plans a night for her coven to dance around naked in the forest to celebrate a Wiccan holiday. Picoult does her writers magic and leaves out part of the story (what actually happens), so the reader is left wondering along with the lawyers and jurors as the trial for rape moves forward. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but what I will say is I did NOT like the last page of the book. At all. I could have done without the last paragraph, heck the book could have done without it. It almost ruined the whole thing for me. Gah!

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